After Cana

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After Cana is a Fairest Love Shrine Podcast, produced by the Fairest Love Shrine Team. Every week, we aim to share sage wisdom and advice from Catholic couples whose marriages have stood the test of time with the goal of helping you live your vows faithfully. You'll hear from diverse Catholic couples across the country, sharing their experiences and insights on what it takes to love selflessly and generously, no matt ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ep. 13 Annie and Adam

    Ep. 13 Annie and Adam

    In the Season 1 Finale of After Cana, we are joined by Annie and Adam Muller from Dallas, Texas. Their story began with deep friendship, Annie babysitting Adam's daughter, and a love for the poetry of John Keats. We now find them in a beautiful marriage, surrounded by children and grandchildren, but still making one another their top priority. Their advice for a great marriage? Make time for each other, stay intimate, and never keep score. You don't want to miss this one!

  • Ep. 12 Lupe and Aurelio

    Ep. 12 Lupe and Aurelio

    Ever felt like you're being served... by your spouse? Join us in this insightful chat with the delightful duo, Lupe and Aurelio, as they share their remarkable journey from successful lawyers to even more successful spouses and parents. Get ready for their secret recipe: No cross-examining your spouse, keeping the flame of friendship alive with your better half and your kids, and why service is the secret ingredient for a joyous and loving marriage. This conversation is a must-listen!

  • Top Marriage Advice from 10 Couples

    Top Marriage Advice from 10 Couples

    On this Episode of After Cana, we've compiled the top relationship advice from ten couples who have been married for 20 years or more! Some of their tips include prioritizing faith, respecting your spouse's individuality, and ending every day with a kiss.

  • Ep. 10 Bernadette and Christopher

    Ep. 10 Bernadette and Christopher

    Can you struggle well? Can your (future) spouse struggle well? We're chatting this episode with Bernadette and Christopher who share their story of meeting and raising a family on small island in the Carribean. Tune in to hear their story about making the choice to struggle well together and where to find solid advice and support when creating your family ecosystem. You won't want to miss it!

  • Ep. 9 Matt and Mindy

    Ep. 9 Matt and Mindy

    For the past 16 of the 32 years of their marriage, Matt and Mindy have dedicated themselves to coaching Catholic couples to rediscover the boundless grace that can be found in the sacrament of marriage. Listen in to this episode of After Cana to hear how they went from thinking granite countertops were the pinnacle of happiness to truly letting God into their lives and their marriage and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Tune in to hear their inspiring story!If you want to learn more about Matt and Mindy’s work, Marriage Ministries, and the work that they do, check out their website here: