After Cana

by After Cana

After Cana is a Fairest Love Shrine Podcast, produced by the Fairest Love Shrine Team. Every week, we aim to share sage wisdom and advice from Catholic couples whose marriages have stood the test of time with the goal of helping you live your vows faithfully. You'll hear from diverse Catholic couples across the country, sharing their experiences and insights on what it takes to love selflessly and generously, no matt ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S2 EP.10 Kim and Jeff (Pt. 1)

    S2 EP.10 Kim and Jeff (Pt. 1)

    Join us for our chat with Kim and Jeff Sattler. They've been married for over 40 years and have a beautiful, large Catholic family to be proud of- but it didn't always seem like they were meant to be together. In this episode, they share their disastrous first date story and how their first impressions of one another shifted. Kim and Jeff have a wealth of wisdom to share with new couples, from parenting to intentionality with your spouse. As Kim shares, it was "love at second sight" for these two, and you don't want to miss their story!

  • S2 Ep. 9 Michael and Janet (Rebroadcast)

    S2 Ep. 9 Michael and Janet (Rebroadcast)

    We're throwing it all the way back to the beginning of After Cana with this rebroadcast from early Season 1! Listen as Gabby chats with her in-laws about the joys and challenges of almost 40 years of marriage. Michael and Janet have endless wisdom to offer on parenting as a team, working through conflict, and showing love in both the big and little things. For any couple who needs encouragement during their engagement or first years of marriage, this episode is for you!

  • S2 EP. 8 Pilar and Guido

    S2 EP. 8 Pilar and Guido

    Meet Pilar and Guido Caranti from Houston! They met on a blind date and the rest was history. In this conversation, they share lessons they've learned from 28 years of marriage, from moving to Texas as a young couple to raising 6 children together. They discuss how healthy friction and having different personalities can be a huge benefit in marriage and parenting. Their recommendation for couples who are dating or engaged: put a lot of thought and effort into in marriage preparation and learn about the Theology of the Body. This conversation is a must listen!

  • S2 EP. 7 Lourdes and Fernando

    S2 EP. 7 Lourdes and Fernando

    Listen in to our chat with Lou and Fernando Vera from Houston, TX! From meeting as teenagers in Venezuela to raising their four children in the states, their love story is a must listen. In this episode, we discuss prioritizing marriage over children, working on intimacy, and reconnecting emotionally with your spouse. Some things that they do to make sure they are growing as a couple: Friday date nights and an annual trip for just the two of them! Check out the whole episode for their beautiful story and some amazing advice.

  • S2 Ep.6 Esther and Tom

    S2 Ep.6 Esther and Tom

    Join in our conversation with Esther and Tom Keely as they tell us stories from nearly 45 years of marriage. They offer advice on walking through the loss of a child, raising a faith-filled family, and working around busy schedules to make special moments with one another.  When asked about the surprises of marriage, Tom shares, "You don't realize how hard it is at times but how good it is all the time. Even getting through the hard times is good." This is one you don't want to miss! Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: