Live Pod With Adam Blazowski, Chair, WePlanet on "Nuclear Renaissance: Polish Position"

AfriNuke Podcast by Afrinuke Podcast

Episode notes
  • Poland got energy independent with coal in 1960
  • What happened to the first NPP construction started in the 90s in Poland ?
  • It is often forgotten how Poland got 100% electrified and prosperous with hard coal
  • The huge mistake of Germany phasing out its nuclear power and the unwillingness of countries to depend or purchase energy from Russia creates an interesting scenario
  • Why did Poland welcome multiple bids from different vendors?
  • The most critical democratic institution that played the key role in the new renaissance of nuclear energy
  • Why WePlanet and how different ?
  • What is the solution for nuclear waste
  • What parting words and recommendations
  • Q & A on twitter (X): @afrinuke
  • Call for Mentorship:
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