The Wake Up London Podcast (Part of The Plum Village Tradition)

di Joe Holtaway

In the Wake Up London podcast Joe Holtaway talks with members of the Wake Up community about their lives and how Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings impact their daily life. We share music from artists within the community, and we read from Thay’s books. The Wake Up London podcast is the perfect podcast to relax and learn more about the community, whether you are at home, at work or on the road.

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  • International Part 2 (Episode #12)

    International Part 2 (Episode #12)

    Welcome to Episode 12, International part 2: This is the second journey we take into the international Wake Up Community. We have a long conversation with Wake Up Jamie, Jennifer, Rosalia, Phoung, Gabriel and Hulf from Hong Kong and also Arlind, the current Wake Up Co ordinator, who comes by for a sharing. We have a guided meditation this episode from Wake Up London Facilitator Jack and our two music tracks; 'Tender' by Nayar and 'How Sweet Sweet' by Ha Down . (donation)Wake Up Hong Kong: Up International: email submissions to Arlind@wkup.orgPeace Sounds 3 Online Launch Party: Down:

  • Movement (Episode #11)

    Movement (Episode #11)

    Welcome to Episode 11, MovementThis episode looks at movement. We have a long conversation with Wake Up London Hiking group founder Dave. Short sharings in this episode come from Jasmine and Serena, Wake Up friends who recently shared some time on the Camino pilgrimage route together in Spain,and Tamsin shares about a group of Wake Up Londoners running the 10k in Battersea Park to raise money for The Being Peace Practice Centre.We have a guided meditation this episode from Sibling Yon Ten who also shares about movement from the perspective of someone using a wheelchair and we two music tracks; Resilient by Rising Appalachia and Pebble Meditation by Charity and The Jam Band. (donation)For more on the Being PeaceMindful Hiking: for the Battersea 10k Being Peace Practice Centre Fundraiser: Center” Yon Ten:

  • Being Peace Part 2 (Episode #10)

    Being Peace Part 2 (Episode #10)

    Welcome to Episode 10, Being Peace Part 2.This episode looks ahead to the UK Plum Village Practice Centre Fundraising year - that begun with the Fundraiser Launch on March 26thWe have a long conversation with Sister Tam Muoi and Brother Thien Chi from Plum Village who are about to set off on a UK and Ireland tour to coincide with the fundraising.Short sharings in this episode come from Lama Rod Owens, Christa Awad, Sister Chan Khong and Sister Chan Duc all from the Being Peace Fundraising evening. 2 community messages: Twan tells us about a Climate workshop for activists and talk given by Sister Chan Duc in London on Sunday May 12th and we also have a announcement about Metta Circle Sudan, a fundraising evening in support of those affected by escalating situation there on Sunday May 14th.We have a guided meditation from Brother Phap Huu (and a well wish from Jo Confino and Phap Huu from The Plum Village, 'The Way Out Is In' Podcast) and music this episode from Betsy Rose and Christa Awad. (donation)For more on the Being Peace Practice Center talk/ (ps: 20 volunteers needed - will receive free tickets)Metta Circle Rod Owens: (Christa Awad)

  • Being Peace Part 1 (Episode #9)

    Being Peace Part 1 (Episode #9)

    Welcome to Episode 9, Being Peace Part 1.This episode looks ahead to the prospective UK Plum Village Practice Centre - beginning with the Fundraiser Launch on March 26thWe have a long conversation with Kasia from Wake Up London and Communications at Plum Village UK about her experience of arriving at Wake Up London, dance and mindfulness and her role at Plum Village UK - which at the moment is helping prepare for the Fundraiser.Short sharings in this episode about Sangha come from 2 of our presenters for the launch: Rehena Harilall and Monica Max West, and Wake Upper Tom Manwell.2 community messages: Stronger On Sundays (most recently Melissa James speaks to Lama Rod Owens) and a reminder of the Being Peace Practice Fundraiser Launch from Joan Halifax, Charles Eisenstein, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Lama Rod Owens and Krista Tippett.Our reading comes from Joan Halifax also, in the shape of a guided meditations that Thich Nhat Hanh taught her.Music this episode comes from Martha Tilston and Melissa James (donation)Fundraiser

  • International (Episode #8)

    International (Episode #8)

    Welcome to Episode 8, International. This episode celebrates the international Wake up Movement, by connecting to some of our international siblings.We have a long conversation with Ana from Wake Up Madrid about her personal practice and meeting the sangha there and short sharings from Jamie and Holf (Wake Up Hong Kong) and Yoav (Wake Up Tel Aviv).A community announcement this episode about The Being Peace project, ongoing this year to raise funds to start the 'Being Peace' UK practice centre.Our reading comes from current Happy Farmer Max from Sweden, reading from Thich Nhat Hanh's 'Love Letter to the Earth.Music this episode comes from Washington's 'Born I' and Mexican trio 'Mi Isla Interior' (Island Within)*************