The 2023 Madrid Open Player Draft

The TennisONE Podcast di Patrick Kuhle & Madison Golden

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TennisONE App's Madison Golden, Patrick Kuhle & Laura Sonday pick their 2023 Mutua Madrid Open Player Teams:

Women's Draft (03:20)

Men's Draft (22:30)


- Each person will pick four men's and four women's players to be on their team.- There are four categories from which you have to pick one male and one female player, those being "Top 10", "Netflix", "Wild Card/Protected Ranking" and "Field", so any player who does not fall into one of the other three categories.

- The order of the draft is a "snake draft", so in this case we started with Patrick, then Laura followed by Madison. Madison then got another pick since she picked last. So on and so forth.

- You can pick the categories in any order you want, but once a play ... 

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