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  • Reset, Rewire, Rediscover with Ben Ahrens

    Reset, Rewire, Rediscover with Ben Ahrens

    Ben Ahrens is a chronic illness recovery expert, TEDx Speaker, Neuroplasticity coach, and Co-founder of the company, Re-Origin. On this episode, we discuss neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to form and reorganize connections, especially following trauma. We talk about how adaptation is in fact, human nature, and how we can change our lives through things like habits, perspective and mindfulness. Ben also shares his story of recovering his health after suffering from Lyme's disease - which led him to the path of helping others. Ben's company, Re-Origin, delivers programs to help people recover and find support from debilitating conditions, such as Lyme's disease, anxiety, depression, burnout and more. Click the links below to find out more about Ben and his work.Website:http://www.re-origin.comLinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahrensben/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/re-origin-103854241474918Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/reorigin_official/

  • Finding Your Inner Peace Will Make You a Better Leader with Jared Narlock

    Finding Your Inner Peace Will Make You a Better Leader with Jared Narlock

    Today on the podcast, I have Jared Narlock (@jarednarlock), Speaker, Author and Leadership Coach who helps leaders to understand the importance of investing in themselves to better serve others.Jared and I discuss the importance of taking time for self-care and self-reflection, in order to show up better for those around us. We also talk about the limiting beliefs and unhealthy narratives that prevent us from creating healthy boundaries in our relationships and at work.Jared also explains the meaning of "peaceful, powered leadership", which inspired the title of his new book. After Jared personally struggled with finding inner peace, he discovered that aligning with your inner peace allows you to be a better leader.Jared also shares some reflective questions for the listeners regarding their values, boundaries, and encourages listeners to take the time to reflect on what's going well/worth celebrating.If you're interested in learning more about Jared and his work, check out the link to below:https://www.peacefulpoweredleadership.comWe hope this episode inspires you to take the time for self-care and self-reflection. Let us know the impact it makes for you.

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  • The Power of Play with Jeff Harry

    The Power of Play with Jeff Harry

    Today on the podcast, I have Jeff Harry to help me wrap up Season 4. Jeff and I discuss the power of play and how play can help you live a more meaningful, joyful life.. We also discuss how to combat your inner critic and fight imposter syndrome. Jeff also drops some wisdom on letting your inner child out to play and how to use play at work.If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to check out what Jeff is up to:https://www.rediscoveryourplay.com/https://youtube.com/jeffharryplayshttps://instagram.com/jeffharryplayshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffharryplaysI hope you enjoyed this episode! Thanks for being here!

  • Getting Into Your Groove with Lizzi Cutler


    Getting Into Your Groove with Lizzi Cutler


    This week on the podcast, I have Lizzi Cutler (@lizzicutler) who helps clients understand the blocks that keep them from achieving their goals and desires. Her work focuses on helping clients to upgrade old programming and release shame, in order to show up authentically. A lot of Lizzi's clients are women who were taught to fit the mold, check all the boxes and do all the “right” things - however, most realize they are still not completely satisfied.Lizzi and I talk about how most women are taught to be performative in relationships and in sex. We also discuss how women get so caught up about appearing to have it "all together", that they forget to learn what they want and honor that.Lizzi's favorite tips for folks listening are:Develop a self-care checklistTake yourself on a dateAnd find 3-5 things you like about your physical body every day for a weekDon’t accept that things are “fine”If you enjoyed this conversation, check out Lizzi's website here: www.lizzicutler.com.Lizzi will also be re-launching her "Get Into Your Groove" course with new content, to include energy clearings and meditations.Thanks for listening!

  • Hacking Career Success with Claudia Miller

    Hacking Career Success with Claudia Miller

    Today on the podcast, I have Career Coach, Claudia Miller, to talk about what it takes to land your dream career. Claudia began career coaching because she was looking to accelerate her own career. She was investing in resources: coaches, resume writers, courses, workshops, books and networking in order to advance in her career. Eventually, she learned how to hack career success. She was finally able to reach her goals, receive salary increases, promotions and pivot effortlessly into different careers. Because of this success, she began to help her friends do the same. Her goal is now to help more people get the jobs they want, while getting paid what they're worth- especially women. $What we love about Claudia is how she understands the power of mindset and the fears that keep people stuck in jobs they hate, or too scared to ask for a higher salary. Together, we discuss the stories people tell themselves around getting paid more and the concept of reframing thoughts around money.If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to check out some of Claudia's resources below. Claudia's Website: https://www.claudiatmiller.com/Connect with Claudia on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudiatmiller/Free 5-Day Course To Get You The Job You Want: https://adept-founder-893.ck.page/3038f77590