Small Seed, Big ImpactEsplicito

di Holly MacKinnon

The goal of this podcast is to plant seeds of growth, motivation, inspiration and positivity that can have a meaningful impact on your life. Hosted by Holly & Shane MacKinnon. 

Episodi del podcast

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  • S01 E86 - Small Decisions, a Story

    S01 E86 - Small Decisions, a StoryEsplicito

    On this episode we go back in time to relive the decisions that lead to the creation of Small Seed. It is a beautiful reminder that everything we choose to do or not do, produces an outcome.This episode is sponsored by Small Seed ...

  • S01 E85 - Convincing, Not Conflicting

    S01 E85 - Convincing, Not ConflictingEsplicito

    Quote: Online is not real lifeSummary: This episode is brought to you by how not to be a d*ck. We discuss the difference between forcefully putting your opinion on someone and being a proper representation for your beliefs.Some of...

  • S01 E84 - Hands Don't Lie

    S01 E84 - Hands Don't LieEsplicito

    Quote: Delete your distractionsSummary: Commitment. Coming back for our third week without a planned topic (as you will notice). What started out as reasons why people change, quickly turned into our opinion on health, diet and fi...

  • S01 E83 - First Q&A of 2023

    S01 E83 - First Q&A of 2023Esplicito

    EPISODE 83: First Q&A of 2023Summary: We always enjoy interacting with our community and some of y’all asked some really good ones this time! Enjoy the episode!Some of the topics include:How to find reliable employeesDo you have a...

  • S01 E82 - 2023 We Back!

    S01 E82 - 2023 We Back!Esplicito

    EPISODE 82: 2023 We Back!Summary: After many many months, we are giving recording another go. We actually really enjoy podcasting and will make an effort to record more often than not this year. Thank you all for listening and alw...