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  • S01 E12 - EP 12: Making Ghosts

    S01 E12 - EP 12: Making GhostsEsplicito

    Hans the Human returns to talk with Max and Connor about making ghosts and how to scare them away. Max and Connor also talk about the different kinds of laughter in movie theaters, Connor tells Max about the video game World of Ho...

  • S01 E11 - EP 11: A Super Spooky Halloween Special

    S01 E11 - EP 11: A Super Spooky Halloween SpecialEsplicito

    Boo! On this Halloween-themed episode Max and Connor discuss their pure and unironic love of Hubie Halloween, Connor's experience playing Phasmophobia, and their favorite movies to watch on Halloween. They also discuss the pitfall...

  • S01 E10 - EP 10: Time is Soup

    S01 E10 - EP 10: Time is SoupEsplicito

    Max and Connor return! Connor justifies getting another CRT TV and Max talks about watching Satantango. Connor also tells Max about his experience watching jingoistic Superman cartoons, and they both discuss engaging with problema...

  • S01 E09 - EP 9: We All Make Mistakes Sometimes

    S01 E09 - EP 9: We All Make Mistakes SometimesEsplicito

    Max and Connor welcome special guest Aaron to the podcast! Again! This triumphant trio recorded a great episode 8, but it was unfortunately cursed and 66.6% of the audio disappeared. Whoops! That episode may be somewhat available ...

  • S01 E07 - EP 7/11: #UKNOWUTIMEITIS

    S01 E07 - EP 7/11: #UKNOWUTIMEITISEsplicito

    This week Max tries out new subtitles for the episode, Max and Connor talk about naked forks, Connor demonstrates Na'vi sex for Max and discusses hearing Swede Harvey's shocking revelations from Episode 4. (swedeharvey.bandcamp.co...