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Listen to Mark Vena's podcasts with the industry luminaries, noted tech journalists and surprise guests about today's hottest topics and trends in the technology space. 

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  • S03 E55 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E55 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    Today's podcast is focused entirely on what we might hear at Apple WWDC 2023 on Monday, June 5th...along with Stewart Wolpin, Rob Pegararo, and John Quain, we're thrilled to be joined by Hartley Charlton, senior editor at MacRumor...

  • S03 E54 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E54 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    On this week's podcast agenda: Supreme Court rulings on Facebook, Google and Twitter,; Kia and Hyundai settlement and their faulty stolen car software; and smart home privacy and security concernsSubscribe to @SmartTechCheck for w...

  • S03 E53 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E53 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    Proposed legislation aimed at curbing teenage social media use, common sense ways to regulate GenAI and the growth of tech manufacturing in India are all topics that are tackled in this week's SmartTechCheck podcast Subscribe to @...

  • S03 E52 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E52 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    Calix's Bob Carrick and I discuss the importance of genuine industry standards and their benefits for both broadband service providers and subscribers as the smart home grows in breadth and sophistication Subscribe to @SmartTechCh...

  • S03 E51 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E51 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    On this week's SmartTechCheck podcast, we take on recent e-bike battery fires, a plea from tech luminaries to "pause" on AI, a cool new app called and the advantages of eSIMs Subscribe to @SmartTechCheck for weekly podc...