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di Dicko, Toots and Wuss

The Loose Head and Feed Podcast - providing an average opinion on professional sports. You wouldn't read about it. Join old timers Dicko, Toots and Wuss as they dissect the week of sport that's in front of them, whilst spinning a yarn and taking no prisoners along the way. In between the dribble, there are glimpses of flourish. We gift our best tips and betting advice for the NRL, AFL and Horse Racing in Sydney, Melbourne and a... Leggi dettagli

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  • S01 E17 - Square Em Up

    S01 E17 - Square Em UpEsplicito

    00:00 Recap8:30 AFL32:30 NRL53:00 British Open Golf Review59:45 Dickos Mailbag Caulfield Preview1.11:45 Formula 1 French Grand Prix InsightIn footy, squaring the hips is almost beneficial when trying to hit a target, ask Toots. Sa...

  • S01 E16 - A New Beginning

    S01 E16 - A New BeginningEsplicito

    The Loose Head and Feed Boys are up and about this week - there's a good energy in the room. State of Origin 3 is upon us, the decider, in what will no doubt be a hotly contested match. A deep dive kicks off the show, followed by ...

  • S01 E15 - Family Affair

    S01 E15 - Family AffairEsplicito

    00:00 Review/F1 Insight21:00 State of Origin 3 and NRL Round 17 Preview47:30 New Segment - Best Of1.01:00 AFL Round 17 Preview1.13:00 Scottish Open PreviewAfter a week off to charge the batteries, we have come back with a mammoth ...

  • S01 E14 - Wet Blanket

    S01 E14 - Wet BlanketEsplicito

    00:00 Recap 15:00 State of Origin Game II30:00 AFL Round 15 Preview58:00 Rev Heads1.01.30 Golf Review/PreviewWith Toots under a fitness cloud, Dicko steers the lads around the park for another intriguing show. A full run down of G...

  • S01 E13 - Name Pronunciation

    S01 E13 - Name PronunciationEsplicito

    00:00 Recap15:30 NRL35:30 AFL46:00 V8s 51:30 F1 Review/Preview1.01:00 Golf ChampionshipAfter a week off for the bye round, it was great to be back on deck. Dicko, Kenny, Wuss and Toots rekindle their love for sport with a huge sho...