K-Drama School – Ep 150: Daily Dose of Sunshine and the Cat’s Pajamas

K-Drama School di Grace Jung

Note sull'episodio

[Spoiler Alert] Grace discusses the show Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023, Netflix). The show stars actress Park Bo-young and tackles mental illness stigma, socio-cultural factors that contribute to mental illness, and the helplessness that people feel. Grace is still battling a cold, and her psychologist is telling her to quit therapy because she’s all better. Grace also discusses her first sangha experience at the Won Buddhist Center with a Korean monk. Grace also talks about the Korean Friendship Bell park in San Pedro. Grace’s new book K-Drama School: A Pop Culture Inquiry into Why We Love Korean Television is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Release date is April 23, 2024: Please visit K-Drama School’s Patreon page to support the sh ... 

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