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Episodi del podcast

  • THE SONG OF CHRISTMAS: A New King (11-26-23)

    THE SONG OF CHRISTMAS: A New King (11-26-23)

    Is there any area of your life today that is not submitted to Jesus? Is he your king? Pastor Craig Etheredge explains that when Jesus came into the world, it was the beginning of a new kingdom that lasts forever!

  • RESONANCE: Impacting Your Community (11-19-23)

    RESONANCE: Impacting Your Community (11-19-23)

    If our church ceased to exist today, would our communities feel it? Student Pastor Nick Clason looks at Acts 14 and provides the ultimate gospel resonance hack that will give your life true meaning and purpose!

  • RESONANCE: Expect the Unexpected (11-12-23)

    RESONANCE: Expect the Unexpected (11-12-23)

    Pastor.Craig Etheredge explains that when you walk with God, you can expect the unexpected!

  • RESONANCE: One Resonating Life (11-6-23)

    RESONANCE: One Resonating Life (11-6-23)

    Pastor Craig Etheredge looks at Acts 8 revealing that what Philip started in Acts, is continuing today through you!

  • RESONANCE: One Voice (10-29-23)

    RESONANCE: One Voice (10-29-23)

    Pastor Craig Etheredge reminds us that we can make a difference when we join our voices together for the sake of the gospel.