Explain It To Me!

di Stephen Strand

I speak with people who are experts in their field, and get them to explain things to me in the simplest way possible.

Episodi del podcast

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  • Ice Age!

    Ice Age!

    I speak with an Ice Age Expert from the Royal Alberta Museum. We talk about Ice Age Paleontology and whether or not if we are currently in an Ice Age.

  • Ornithology!


    I speak with an Ornithologist from the Royal Alberta Museum, and we talk about birds! Bird is the word!

  • Dinosaurs!


    I speak with Dr. Henderson from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology about dinosaurs, fossils, the accuracy of Jurassic Park, and what would a dinosaur taste like? Here is a link to one of the papers Dr. Henderson co-authored: Maniraptoran pelvic musculature highlights evolutionary patterns in theropod locomotion on the line to birds [PeerJ]

  • Reiki!


    I speak with Andrea Zemrau again, but this time it is about Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystals, and Vibrational Colour Therapy.

  • Periodontics!


    I speak with Dr. Piepgrass about what a periodontist does, gum disease, gum grafting, and sedation.