E22 - THE EPIC RETURN (feat. SPECIAL GUEST) | The Enlightened Brothers Episode 022

The Enlightened Brothers di Kaleb Newman and Emory Emokidi
This was recorded on June 25th, 2021Thanks for watching :)Email us at: theenlightenedbrothers@gmail.comTimestamps:(0:00) Intro(2:27) Recap Yakkity-Yak(8:54) High School recap(20:40) A look to the future(31:04) Our Trip to Orlando(43:00) Friendship(49:30) UFOs(1:00:57) Antimatter(1:08:20) Life Elsewhere(1:39:08) Art of War III(1:57:58) Clo  ...  Carica altri dati
Giu 27 2021