Modern Slavery: Emelda Davies speaks about 'Black birding' in Australia with Jodee Sydney. Lauren Ornelas also tells Jodee about the issues in farming where slaves are used children.

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Ms. (Waskam) Emelda Davis is a second-generation Australian South Sea Islander who has worked for federal, state, community and grassroots organizations in Australia where she has exhibited diverse expertise in community development, education, training, media and marketing.

Emelda speaks to Jodee Sydney about the history of slavery and the issue in Australia and the North Coast of NSW. Islander people who were brought to Australia to pick sugar cane and work on farms. The practice was common and many descendants live in Australia today. Some mixed with the Aboriginal communities. The contribution of these enslaved people is not widely recognised in Australia.

Jodee also speaks to Lauren Ornelas about the modern slaves and children used in the food industry supply chains in farming We envision a food system free from the exploitation  ... 

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