Cover to Cover with Matt Tarka

di Matt Tarka

A podcast featuring musical conversations about an album or song which has changed and enhanced someone’s life. 

Episodi del podcast

  • Episode 88: M.R. Morrison (Artist/Poet/Yoga Instructor)

    Episode 88: M.R. Morrison (Artist/Poet/Yoga Instructor)Esplicito

    Our guest today resides just outside of Harrisburg, PA and is no stranger to the program. She is one M.R. Morrison: an artist and poet of We Doubt The Call Even As We Answer It. At the present, she is no stranger to travel which ...

  • Episode 87: Grant Santoscoy of Bloodhounds (Band)

    Episode 87: Grant Santoscoy of Bloodhounds (Band) Esplicito

    Today's guest is Grant Santoscoy of Cleveland, Ohio’s indie rock band Bloodhounds to discuss Philadelphia, PA’s Modern Baseball and their debut record Sports. Sports was recorded at Free Studios at Drexel University and released i...

  • Episode 86: The W Lovers (Alt-Country Band)

    Episode 86: The W Lovers (Alt-Country Band)Esplicito

    Our guest today is one Fluer Wood and one Wesley Wood. Together they are The W Lovers from Seattle, Washington and have made their mark on the live music scene all over the American West, playing over 100 shows a year, since their...

  • Episode 85: Rory D'Lasnow (Musician)

    Episode 85: Rory D'Lasnow (Musician)Esplicito

    Our guest today is one Rory D’Lasnow. Rory is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who plays the guitar upside down and backwards. He released his new EP, “Songs From an Empty Room" in Fall 2021 and you can catch him playing live t...

  • Episode 84: Jared Saltiel (Musician)

    Episode 84: Jared Saltiel (Musician)Esplicito

    Our guest today is one Jared Saltiel.Jared is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. Always a clever lyricist and imaginative storyteller, Saltiel's rich orchestrations elevate his musical narratives ...