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di Benjamin Arndt

Hosted by Ben Arndt and produced by Tom Robin, The Animalitia Podcast hits on all things relating to entertainment, pop culture, current events, and life topics. Nothing is off limits as guests join who are involved in various forms of media entertainment, or have their own stories and adventures to share... 

Episodi del podcast

  • Episode #10 Minneapolis is burning...

    Episode #10 Minneapolis is burning...Esplicito

    Jake and I sit in the studio on night two of the George Floyd riots, only 30 minutes away from where they are taking place in Minneapolis. We share our takes what is going on (Originally aired May 2020)

  • Episode #24 Ori Spado joins the show

    Episode #24 Ori Spado joins the showEsplicito

    Author of The Accidental Gangster, Ori Spado joins us to talk a variety of current events and life topics. For over forty years, Ori Spado was a fixer for A list celebrities in Hollywood, and an associate of the Columbo crime fami...

  • Episode #13 Spike Cohen joins the show

    Episode #13 Spike Cohen joins the showEsplicito

    Jake and I interview Spike Cohen, presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. Super cool experience to do our first interview during the 2020 presidential election (originally aired September 2020)