Laid Off: The Blair Thomas Podcast

di Blair Thomas

What happens after you get fired from your radio job? You start a podcast and share everything you couldn’t on the radio! Award-winning multimedia personality Blair Thomas and a group of rotating guest hosts, celebrities and friends talk life, love, food, news and everything else that makes you stop scrolling. Hosted, directed & produced by Blair Thomas.

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  • WEDDING UPDATE!! Loving Day, wedding planning & all about Marissa

    WEDDING UPDATE!! Loving Day, wedding planning & all about Marissa

    The history behind our wedding date gave us CHILLS! Marissa and I wanted to share this special little detail with you. You'll learn all about Marissa, including growing up with 8 siblings and why she returned from a mission trip with an empty suitcase. Plus, by the end, I convinced her why I believe life's biggest moments don't always need to be photographed. Oh, and an update on wedding planning!!

  • Finding my way home

    Finding my way home

    I'm back with a new season of Laid Off! Let me tell you all about my new career as a real estate agent, why I decided to walk away from the radio, the biggest "what-if" of my life, and how I almost went in a much, much different direction.

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  • Becca "The Giraffe" Evans

    Becca "The Giraffe" Evans

    I’m joined by star mixed martial arts fighter Becca “The Giraffe” Evans! We talk about going pro (6:01), where the nickname came from (10:15), recovering from eye surgery (12:40), if men think they can beat her (20:17), what she listens to before fights (25:30), dream celebrity brawls (33:10) and much more.

  • Brooke Diaz of Big Machine Records

    Brooke Diaz of Big Machine Records

    Caught up with Brooke Diaz of Big Machine Records! We discuss Rascal Flatts’ cancelled farewell tour (11:21), a surprising fact about superstar trio Midland (15:31), what it’s like working with Tim McGraw (18:24), that one time she stalked Olivia Benson (21:32 )and lots more.

  • Allyson Gelnett of Curb Records

    Allyson Gelnett of Curb Records

    I'm joined by Allyson Gelnett of Curb Records! She's usually on the road with superstars like Lee Brice, Dylan Scott, and Rodney Atkins - but we had a chance to chat about Lee Brice's strange golf attire (14:47), the craziest thing she's seen in a meet-and-greet (18:53), the secret behind #1 songs (21:02), being a dog mom in quarantine (30:17) and more!