por Jeff Sweeney & Stuart Elmore

A weekly investigation into the strange filmographies of cinemas most fascinating careers.

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  • Temporada 3

  • The Last Word


    The Last Word


    Continuing down Winona's popularity collapse, The Last Word is a movie about a man named Evan who gets hired to write people's suicide notes. We thought about reaching out to him after we made it through watching this movie.

  • Sex and Death 101

    Sex and Death 101

    Alright class settle down! Time for our very first instructional episode on Sex and Death 101, starring... Winona Ryder as Professor Death Nell who will be your instructor for today. Our first lesson... this movie sucks.

  • The Ten


    The Ten


    Paul Rudd teaches us a lesson. Actually... TEN LESSONS! And they are all based on the ten commandments. Before you think this is going to be some "God's Not Dead" level religious film, we regret to inform you that it could not be further from the truth.

  • A Scanner Darkly


    A Scanner Darkly


    Another early post-sabbatical takes Winona to Richard Linklater in A Scanner Darkly. A Phillip K Dick novel adaptation about the a not-to-distant future where America has lost the war on drugs and the police surveillance state goes to a whole new "almost Minority Report" level. Winona is in another small role along side Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, and Woody Harrelson.

  • The Darwin Awards


    The Darwin Awards


    This quasi-student film is one of Winona's first movies after her shoplifting scandal and it's probably for the best that you've never heard of it.