The Hack and the Fraud

por Ryan Curran and Nick Webeck

Nick and Ryan review the latest movie releases, as well as some old and modern classics.

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 3

  • #25 - Civil War

    #25 - Civil War

    Nick and Ryan are joined by special guest Tolley for a heated discussion on Alex Garland's new film CIVIL WAR.

  • #24 - Road House (1989/2024)

    #24 - Road House (1989/2024)

    Double feature time, with a review of the original Road House and it's 2024 remake and why it might be everything wrong with the movies today!!

  • #23 - Dune: Part Two

    #23 - Dune: Part Two

    Nick and Ryan review and discuss the highly-acclaimed box office smash-hit Dune: Part Two.

  • Deep Dive: Sofia Coppola

    Deep Dive: Sofia Coppola

    Ryan and Nick are joined by a very special guest, Ryan's sister Alysse to discuss the fillmography of Sofia Coppola.

  • Deep Dive: David Fincher

    Deep Dive: David Fincher

    Nick and Ryan are joined by special guests Tolley and Harrigan for a look at the filmography of David Fincher.