The Feeding Frenzy

por The BRC's Feeding Frenzy

The Feeding Frenzy is a podcast hosted by The Breastfeeding Resource Center (BRC), a Nonprofit that supports breastfeeding & chestfeeding parents and families based in Abington, PA. The BRC is run and operated by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) who will share their decades of wisdom and knowledge on all topics related to parenting, feeding your baby, child rearing, child bearing and more! Tun ... 

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Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 2

  • What to expect the first 2 weeks!

    What to expect the first 2 weeks!

    Join Colette, Louisa, and Jen as we discuss the reality of the first two weeks you are home with your new baby!

  • Tandem Nursing

    Tandem Nursing

    We talk to Kristina, one of our BRC Community Counselors who tells us why she chose to tandem nurse and the ups and downs of the process.

  • FPIES and Breastfeeding

    FPIES and Breastfeeding

    FPIES or food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome is a non-IgE mediated food allergy. Unlike IgE mediated allergies, FPIES can cause the reaction to be hours or days later. We talked to Nicole Patton whose first child had FPIES and second has food allergies. Hear how she coped!

  • Find out about Birth Boot Camp with Hollie Hauptly

    Find out about Birth Boot Camp with Hollie Hauptly

    Colette and Louisa talk with Hollie Hauptly, who is the director of the Birth Boot Camp. This is a place where you can find childbirth education or a doula and get training to become an educator and/or doula! Birth Boot Camp has got it all. Find out why they feel they're the best!

  • 104 Days in the NICU

    104 Days in the NICU

    Join Colette and Louisa as they talk to Victoria Garcia about her experience of delivering a baby at 24 weeks and a NICU stay of 104 days. Victoria talks about the highs and lows and her hard work when it came to offering her milk to her baby. In honor of inclusivity, please know in all episodes & show notes, breastfeeding can be interchanged with chestfeeding.