Taboo Truths and Tales Las VegasExplícito

por Madeira Desouza

Since 2021, this compelling podcast series unveils the often concealed world of taboo but truthful fiction and nonfiction. Local Las Vegas renegade artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza shares his turbulent and unruly audio gallery to dazzle your ears and mind.

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 7

  • Sadism Swarms Stage Show in Sin City


    Sadism Swarms Stage Show in Sin City


    Go behind the scenes of a wildly daring live-on-stage show in the Las Vegas Arts District. Hear this free-wheeling conversation about "The Marquis de Sade Presents 'Abandon'." The Sin City show includes violence, grisly images, some nudity and strong sexual themes.

  • Pumpkin Emperor Part Two


    Pumpkin Emperor Part Two


    This is the sequel to the chilling pumpkin emperor story available at -- An explicit horror story in a podcast episode just in time for the scariest of all seasons. Written and produced by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas.

  • Temporada 6

  • Hanging Men by the Neck Until Dead


    Hanging Men by the Neck Until Dead


    This podcast explores the taboo of hanging young men in front of spectators. How does a young man feel and respond as he gets hanged? See free images that go with this episode:

  • Preying Time


    Preying Time


    After dark on a lonely stretch of road away from city lights and any witnesses. It's the perfect time for preying upon victims who walk alone at the edges of the night roads. A chilling horror story by Don Normann.

  • Fear Not the Reaper

    Fear Not the Reaper

    As people we don't normally want to even think about death, and least of all we don't want to plan for our own death or someone else's. "Fear Not the Reaper" is a nonfiction episode in which a licensed funeral arranger in Las Vegas demystifies the taboos of talking about dying and death.