“You Have to Include Youth”: A Conversation with Central Ohio Youth Liberation Organizers

Speaking Queerly por Kaleidoscope Youth Center

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On this episode of Speaking Queerly, Mallory sits down with Ines (they/them) and August (they/them), two KYC youth and members of Central Ohio Youth Liberation, or COYL. Their conversation breaks down the realities of adultism, the institutionality of school, the need for “third spaces,” how people can get involved in COYL and more. COYL is a queer youth affinity group based in so-called “Columbus, Ohio,” united by art, punk, philosophy, and youth liberation. Influenced by the works of youth liberation thinkers such as Genevieve Shade, Emma Goldman, and Ashanti Alston, as well as by the organizing strategies of Youth Liberation of Ann Arbor and the Youth Liberation Front, COYL members create projects, host events, and act individually to disrupt adultism and other hierarchies within the LGBT+ community, educational institutions, and beyond.Learn  ... 

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