“We Have a Purple Background!”: Catching up with KYC After Summer Break

Speaking Queerly por Kaleidoscope Youth Center

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We’re back after our summer hiatus! On this episode of Speaking Queerly, Mallory, Daria and Lane recap what’s been going on at KYC over the summer, including Summer Institute, Bar-B-Queer, new trainings to look out for and KYC’s big move to our new Wellness Center.Have a question you want answered or a topic you’d like discussed on Speaking Queerly? Send an email to Mallory@KYCOhio.org.KYC Youth Center is the largest and longest-standing organization in Ohio solely dedicated to serving and supporting queer youth. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, KYC works to provide safer spaces, programming, and leadership opportunities so that youth can be free to explore who they are and empowered to become their confident, trues ...   ...  Leer más
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