“Being Queer is Whatever You Want it to Be”: An Interview with Queer Content Creators Barrie and Laurenzo

Speaking Queerly por Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Notas del episodio
On this episode of Speaking Queerly, Daria and Lane talk about gender-affirming care, relationships and more with Barrie Rose (they/them) and Laurenzo De Camilla (they/them): queer, nonbinary content creators on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram with over 2 million collective followers. They founded Queer Hangouts, a patron-supported program that provides FREE visits to schools and colleges in Ohio. During these Queer Hangouts, Barrie and Laurenzo speak with LGBTQ+ clubs and students for the purpose of affirming, supporting, and encouraging their identities.You can follow Barrie on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube at @barrierose. You can follow Laurenzo on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube at @adesso.laurenzo.Have a question you want answered or a topic you’d like discussed on Speaking Queerly? Send an email to  ...  Leer más