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por Woody Aladin and Erikka Ortega

Welcome to Something Interesting Radio. In this podcast we speak with regular people on various topics such as small businesses, entrepreneurship, current events, life experiences and beyond. This duo of female and male hosts give their perspective while also being open minded. Woody loves to talk and joke while learning, so if it's interesting to you we want to hear about it. Erikka who works in a male dominated field knows a ... Leer más

Episodios del podcast

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  • T01 E11 - Random News

    T01 E11 - Random NewsExplícito

    Join us as we discuss random news. We start with the Black Panthers and end with video games obsession. What does FBI, GTA, NBA, and YT have in common? The answer is within today's episode.

  • T01 E10 - Thanksgiving

    T01 E10 - ThanksgivingExplícito

    What is Thanksgiving? Is there anything in particular you do during this time of year? Today we share our family traditions, new and old. We also take a look at what this holiday means to us as an individual and as a member of a f...

  • T01 E09 - Back In The Day

    T01 E09 - Back In The DayExplícito

    On today’s episode, Woody and Erikka are joined by Mr Vashun (Warren) and L, Owner of Liv’s Barber Shop. How are trends started? What was fashionable in your past that is questionable today? Name something that you miss. Take a wa...

  • T01 E08 - Non Traditional Work For Employment

    T01 E08 - Non Traditional Work For EmploymentExplícito

    We explore the world of women who hold careers in a male dominated field

  • T01 E07 - Getting Back To Recording

    T01 E07 - Getting Back To RecordingExplícito

    After being away from recording and adjusting to feedback, we've decide to change our recording location to enhance our audio quality. Woody and Erikka touch on what they've been up to during their hiatus, from Woody's skydiving t...