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  • 8.9 Isabeau of Bavaria

    8.9 Isabeau of Bavaria

    In which we learn about the 100 Years War via a burning man (no, not that type of burning man) and some power hungry uncles. Oh, and a marriage that started out fairly well. Sucks that psychologists did not exist in the 14th centu...

  • 8.8 Joanna of Castile

    8.8 Joanna of Castile

    In which we learn that you should never take your dead husband's body on a 600 mile road trip, no matter how much you may have loved him. Also, we learn about the origins of the Spanish Habsburgs and take an unexpected digression ...

  • 8.7 Joanna I of Naples

    8.7 Joanna I of Naples

    Woo hoo it's episode 69 y'all (I have a filthy mind). In which we learn that it can take a few marriages to find happiness and that you should never get involved in a Papal schism!Episode NotesFollow the podcast on Twitter @sadgir...

  • 8.6 Eleanor and Henry

    8.6 Eleanor and Henry

    In this long delayed (lol I forgot to hit schedule so it never got posted) episode, we learn that running off with a total HIMBO, even if he is your ex's son and he's due to inherit a giant kingdom is never a great idea. Featuring...

  • 8.5 Eleanor and Louis

    8.5 Eleanor and Louis

    In which we learn about all the different types of incest in 11th century France and how they could destroy a simple royal marriage?Follow the podcast on Twitter @sadgirlstudypodFollow the podcast on Instagram @sadgirlstudyBecome ...