Rex St John - Co-founder of ReFi Summit

Planet of the Klimates por KlimaDAO

Notas del episodio

Rex St John is a software engineer, technical evangelist and community organizer working on edge computing, IoT and web3 technologies. He joins us in the studio to talk about his motivation behind starting ReFi Summit and how the ReFi community can lay the foundation for a Network State centered around Regenerative Finance.

What they touch on:

(1:03) Rex Background

(2:25) Why ReFi?

(5:30) Need for ReFi Conference

(7:26) ReFi's Impact

(12:08) ReFi Network State

(15:18) Lineup for 2nd ReFi Summit

(19:23) Importance of human interactions

(24:25) ReFi in 2033

(29:05) Key Takeaways



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