RMIT University - Marta Poblet & Andres Diaz

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Notas del episodio

Professor Marta Poblet and PhD-Candidate Andres Diaz from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology joins us in the studio to talk about their research regarding ReFi and the Voluntary Carbon Markets. They dive into the role governance plays in ReFi and the inspiration behind applying economic theories to a nascent industry.

What they touch on:

(1:03) Andres Background

(2:54) Marta Background

(4:43) Why ReFi?

(12:35) VCM as a Common Resource

(16:42) Characteristics of ReFi Projects

(20:11) What are Common Pool Resources?

(23:40) Importance of Governance

(27:08) Challenges Moving Forward

(30:32) Key Takeaways


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