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Welcome to The LODOWN: A Podcast brought to you by the Students of Lillian Osborne High School. Tune in for interviews with Staff, Students and Community members and get the LODOWN on everything LOHS.

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  • Temporada 5



    This episode was taped Friday March 5th, 2024.

  • Temporada 4

  • S4_E2: Chris Dela Cruz & Mr. Blackwell

    S4_E2: Chris Dela Cruz & Mr. Blackwell

    In this episode Jack and Mustafa get the LODOWN from Lillian Osborne Fine Arts' top brass, Mr. Blackwell and Chris Dela Cruz. This episode was edited and produced by Sandeep Loldiyal. The music in this episode was also produced by Sandeep Loldiyal and features a Fine Arts' promotion featuring Avery Neufeld. Content producers were Marissa Rahman and Chantal Choga. Cover Photos by Rob Hislop Photography.

  • S4_E1: Principal Mike Morison

    S4_E1: Principal Mike Morison

    In this episode, hosts Kashmala Yousafzai and Jack Townsend get the LODOWN from our new Principal, Mr. Mike Morison. Shout out to all of our Content Producers, Erin Padbury, Mandy Zhao, Marissa Rahman, Mary Wu, and Chantal Choga. Technical Producers were Sandeep Loldiyal, Kevin Xiao, and Chantal Choga. Our Editor and Music Producer was Sandeep Loldiyal.

  • Temporada 3

  • S3_E7: Erin Padbury & Rena Liu

    S3_E7: Erin Padbury & Rena Liu

    In this annual rewind episode, host Sheryl Xue takes a look back at all we've accomplished throughout the Season 3. She gets the LODOWN from our Senior Content Producer, Erin Padbury and our Technical Producer and Editor, Rena Liu. Shout out to all of our Content producers, Chantal Choga, Sandy Iligan, Carrie Liu, and Mustafa Alam. Our Hosts Kashmala Yousafzai, Nabeel Khan, and Efia Wiredu. Our Technical Producers, Kevin Xiao, Sandeep Singh, Chantal Choga, and Shahmeer Mughal. Our Music Producer Sandeep Singh and our Photographer, Alyssa Fraser.

  • S3_E6: Emily & Annika

    S3_E6: Emily & Annika

    Edmonton Youth for Climate (EYFC) is a youth led organization that promotes climate action in the Edmonton area. In this episode, our hosts Sheryl and Kashmala get the LODOWN from Emily and Annika and discuss the work they do, what we can do to be more environmentally friendly, as well as exciting things coming up in the Edmonton area! The Content Producers for this episode were Carrie Liu and Chantel Choga, and our editor was Rena Liu! The music from this episode was created by Sandeep Singh! Linktree: