Like a Fish: After Dark

Like a Fish Needs a Starship: A Bitterly Feminist Sci-Fi Podcast por Steph and Kat

Notas del episodio

It's the "Like a Fish: After Dark" edition! QUICK! What do this year's song of the summer, the early 2000s, and season 1, episode 5 of "Star Trek: Picard" have in common? If you guessed "why, ladyparts, of course," well, gold star for you! In this installment of "Like a Fish," Steph and Kat discuss that little elfin prince Ben Shapiro, the poetry of "WAP," the art of vajazzling, and the fact that the Earth's foremost (female) expert in cybernetics was sleeping with her mentor because REASONS (hint: those reasons are "lazy writing" and "patriarchy").

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