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Izabela Lundberg Delivers On The Legacy Leaders Show, Real & Raw: Business, Sport and Life Lessons & Advice For Current & Upcoming Leaders Join Izabela Lundberg, the World Messenger, each week as she brings you a new distinguished guest from the business, sports, or entertainment world to share their successes, struggles and lessons. On the Legacy Leaders Show, you will hear insights into current hot topics relevant to everyo ...   ...  Leer más

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  • Smart Health: From Oncology to Longevity

    Smart Health: From Oncology to Longevity

    Join us on this episode of the Legacy Leaders Show as we explore the innovative world of healthcare transformation with Dr. Raees Tonse, a strategic advisor to the Royal Family Office UAE, the visionary founder of Longevi-City and Advanced Radiation Oncology techniques, particularly Proton Beam Therapy and MRI-Linac subject matter expert. Dr. Tonse, an accomplished oncologist with deep roots in Health Technology and MedTech, explores the evolving landscape of medical technology, from cancer treatment to longevity and wellness. Discover how cutting-edge advancements in smart health are revolutionizing patient care and the future of global health dynamics.

  • Legacy Revealed: The 200th Episode of Leadership Excellence

    Legacy Revealed: The 200th Episode of Leadership Excellence

    Join Izabela on "The Legacy Leaders Show," a top 1% rated global podcast in leadership, business, and entrepreneurship among 3.2 million podcasts worldwide. Dive into real and raw conversations that unlock exclusive leadership insights and guide you toward transformational success. Celebrate our 200th episode, where we deep dive into the traits of legacy leaders and the wisdom gained from our journey. Don't miss this milestone of leadership excellence! Buckle Up, Champions!

  • Revolutionizing Business Growth: Navigating the AI Transformation

    Revolutionizing Business Growth: Navigating the AI Transformation

    In the latest episode of the "Legacy Leaders Show," Izabela sits down with Shaz Aziz, the visionary Founder and CEO of, to unpack the transformative power of artificial intelligence in modern business practices. This discussion is a deep dive into how is setting the standard for AI-driven business development, offering a suite of services that include creating SEO-optimized landing pages, automating engaging social media content, and producing dynamic video content for platforms like YouTube and TikTok. They explore the significance of AI in enhancing digital marketing strategies, the role of automated content creation in scaling business operations, and the impact of AI on global networking and market expansion. Entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to leverage AI technology for business growth will find this episode packed with SEO-rich insights and strategies for embracing digital transformation to maintain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market. Join them as they discuss the future of business innovation, underscored by the essential SEO keywords of today's digital age: AI in business, digital transformation, SEO optimization, social media automation, and global business networking.

  • From Code to Cybersecurity Essentials In Digital Age

    From Code to Cybersecurity Essentials In Digital Age

    Discover the intersection of technology and security on the Legacy Leaders Show with John Kittleson, a seasoned cybersecurity expert. With a decade of IT and engineering experience, John dives deep into Python scripting, Elastic Stack SIEM, cloud security, and more, sharing insights from his dynamic career. From academia to CEO, John's journey is a testament to his passion for innovation and safeguarding the digital realm. Tune in to learn how to empower and secure your digital footprint with tips from a cybersecurity visionary. Don't miss this enlightening episode that's sure to inspire and inform!

  • ERP Software & Digital Transformation Strategies

    ERP Software & Digital Transformation Strategies

    Welcome to the Legacy Leaders Podcast, your essential resource for leadership insights and forward-thinking strategies. In this must-listen episode, join us as we welcome Eric Kimberling, a renowned author and the visionary founder of Third Stage Consulting Group, the leading authority on ERP consulting and digital transformation guidance worldwide. Dive into the wisdom of Eric's influential work, 'The Final Countdown: Strategies to Reach the Third Stage of Digital Transformation,' a cornerstone for anyone looking to master ERP systems and digital change. As an expert in ERP solutions and digital transformation processes, Eric breaks down complex concepts into actionable strategies for business innovation and technological advancement. Tune in for expert tips on overcoming the challenges of digital transformation and how to guide your business towards peak digital performance.