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  • #008 | Jade Michael

    #008 | Jade Michael

    Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah , Jade is a former student at MSU where she has been finishing up her degree in Psychoneuroimmunology with the hopes that she can give back to the world what she has found to be so passionate about, a fulfilled life based on connecting with the inner and being part of the world through her most authentic self, speaking from truth, light and love to bond her to roots deep within. We talk about Jade's OCD and the long battle it has been to overcome the constant and persistant pull of a disease on the mind and body and how her work in meditation, psychedelic exploration and a field of study that blossomed to meet her on a path towards growth allowed her to begin her healing journey.

  • #007 | Stetson Lawrence

    #007 | Stetson Lawrence

    Stetson Lawrence is former professional Bull Rider who competed on the PBR and before suffering a career ending injury, was 4th in the world climbing the ranks as an unlikely hero from Williston, ND.

  • #006 | Dylan Halverson

    #006 | Dylan Halverson

    From Great Falls, MT to the top of a mountain on psychedelics, Dylan Halverson has been exploring not only his own inner guidance of life but his psychological fortitude towards what it means to be a human on this earth, searching for life's purpose and opening up his mind to the endless array of opportunities that presented a more meaningful way to live. I met Dylan at a coffee shop here in Bozeman where I instantly felt a connection with someone who looked at life deeper than your average barista (or anyone for that matter) and within a few short minutes I was exchanging numbers to have him on the Podcast. Dylan now, is set to embark down to the Azores, an island chain off the coast of Portugal where he is helping setup ecosystems that work in harmony with sustainable growth and habitats that better the environment. A blueprint that he hopes he can take and transfer not only to western culture but to others around the world.

  • #005 | Kyrie & Michaela

    #005 | Kyrie & Michaela

    What if a friend or a partner asked you to do an adventure into the unknown with them? I believe we’ve all told ourselves we’d follow that person we admire, long for or even someone we love, to the edge of the earth and back but sometimes we just say those things to trick ourselves into the dedication we want to have with them. Well that’s not what Kyrie and Michaela were going to settle with. In fact, it may not have been to the edge of the so-called “earth” but instead from edge to edge of the United States starting on the border of Arizona and ending in Canada was their goal to do just that… and did I mention they were doing it all on bikes!? On this episode we unite to recap the trials and tribulations of not only the harrowing 2,500 miles spent peddling bikes through the CDT’s version of this cycling feat but doing it under the umbrella of being queer in a sometimes a not so accepting culture that some of our western cities and towns still might struggle to accept in our modern era. We dive into the backstory of growing up wandering the Flathead Reservation, acceptance from an unsuspecting town in Bozeman, the way we grew up to look at the world and poop… Lots of poop talk. Enjoy these two lovely humans that I get to call friends and indulge in the various topics, discussions and memories these two wanted to create when they decided to leave their homes and start a new life for themselves, not sure of the direction it would all take and how special crossing each others paths would eventually reveal.

  • #004 | Tammie Jacobs

    #004 | Tammie Jacobs

    Tammi Jacobs is a former Fitness Director at Ridge Athletics. From graduating at ASU to working in the medical field as a biologist, Tammi learned about health from both the scientific understanding as well as the more practical one, training people and getting to know what makes them “tick”. Her devotion to helping people stems from a personal tragedy and made her outlook on life something to be admired as she pushed people both physically and mentally to be their best in and out of the gym.