Meet The Writer and Director for "Statistically Speaking" featuring Alexander Engel

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In this episode, we're introducing Alex Engel the writer and director for his project "Statistically Speaking". Alex is one of the recipients of the shift creative grant to help produce his project! Alex has some great insight into being a filmmaker in New York City and discusses details on his project, casting, and what goes into making a short film. To see more of Alex's work, check out his website, linked below, for a look at some of his award-winning shorts including "Alex 101", mentioned in this interview. Alex's shorts have been featured in Buzzfeed, Short of the Week, Chicago Comedy Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Huff Post, and so much more!

"A fast-paced comedy short that follows a paranoid statistician, who believes his wife is trying to kill him and is trying to convince the audience the same." "Statistically Speaking" is no ... 

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