"A Father's Duty" Director & Writer Interviews Featuring Anastasiia Liakh and Dylan Johnson - Part I

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In our last screening event, we got to bring together the cast and crew of "A Father's Duty", written by Dylan Johnson, and directed by Anastasiia Liakh, for a celebration of their completed project. To prepare for this, we asked them both for a brief interview on the project as well as the cast in part II, featuring Blake Reasoner, Ryan Satterfeal, Chelsea Clark, Gregory D. Hicks, and Randy Fitzgerald.

We're excited to share the live interviews we received from the director, writer, and cast! Hope you enjoy this insight into an hc&f project and get some great tips for actors and filmmakers! Thank you to the cast and crew who worked on this project!

Part 1: Writer/Director Interview w/ Dylan Johnson and Anastasiia Liakh moderated by Jennifer Gillenwater

Part 2: Cast Interview w/ Blake Reasoner, Ryan Satterfeal, Chelsea Clark, Gr ... 

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