Guided Meditation for Good Mental Health

por Nazli Koyl

Welcome to Guided Meditation for Good Mental Health! I am a licensed professional counselor and in these series I combine my 15+ years experience of Sahaja Meditation with my knowledge of counseling to create a short, simple and practical meditation that can be used every day to help you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 1

  • Shame and Self-Sabotage

    Shame and Self-Sabotage

    Learn about the relationship between guilt and shame and how to break the cycle of self sabotage in this simple guided meditation.

  • Overcoming Pain and Trauma

    Overcoming Pain and Trauma

    One of the hardest things to overcome in life is pain and trauma. In this podcast, learn how forgiveness can be the doorway to overcoming pain and trauma and leading a more peaceful life.

  • Understanding & Overcoming Guilt

    Understanding & Overcoming Guilt

    Learn about self-blame/guilt, how they affect our mental health, and how to overcome these issues through meditation.

  • Meditation for Peace & Joy

    Meditation for Peace & Joy

    Meditate on the aspects of compassion, joy and peace in this short guided meditation.

  • Meditation with Mother Earth

    Meditation with Mother Earth

    Relax and meditate in this short guided meditation with licensed professional counselor, Nazli Koyl.