For the love of weather

por Gemma Plumb & Aisling Creevey

Meet Gemma and Aisling. They have worked in the UK as meteorologists for over ten years. Gemma came up with the idea that maybe others might like to listen to the non stop conversations they still have all these years later about the weather. Over the years they have forecast for festivals, farming, road, rail, energy, media, aviation and even the humble ice cream demand forecast and so much more. They have gone through job ch ...   ...  Leer más

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  • Sarah Aubrey - Electrification, decarbonisation and the power of a single post.  

    Sarah Aubrey - Electrification, decarbonisation and the power of a single post.  

    Sarah is the owner of an instagram account called @elecrify_this. She started the account one 40 degree day in Sydney in December 2023. Then on Christmas Day, she accidentally posted a reel that went viral, gaining her tens of thousands of followers. She has a down to earth approach on how to decarbonise and electrify your house. Her instagram account has only been running a short time but it is already jam packed with practical videos on how to make your home more efficient. If kilowatt hours are your language, she has reduced hers to 12 a day during winter. She ‘broke the internet’ with a video showing what an Australian ‘weather strip’ is - the post got over a million views. She is a keen observer of how politics in Australia are changing as they aim for 80% renewables by 2030. If you are wondering why Sarah is so easy to listen to, she is a voice over artist and actor of 20 years, starring in the movie ‘Happy Feet 2,’ the launch promo for ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ in the UK, and she’s even shared a microphone with Robin Williams. If you are from Australia you may know her voice from Channel 7. Listen to the whole podcast to find out why Sarah would like to have dinner with the early 20th Century actress Mae West, why she doesn’t like the beach, and why potatoes are pretty cool, as well as what her super power would be. You can find Sarah on instagram @electrify_this and Thanks so much for listening and supporting the podcast, and we hope you leave this episode loving the weather just a little bit more. If you would like to follow our podcast on ‘X’ we are @4loveofweather and on Instagram @fortheloveofweather.

  • Kirsten Neuschäfer on the winning the Golden Globe Race and her boat Minnehaha.

    Kirsten Neuschäfer on the winning the Golden Globe Race and her boat Minnehaha.

    WOW is all we can say. What an incredible guest! Meet Kirsten Neuschäfer who won the Golden Globe Race in 2022. The Golden Globe Race is a solo around the world sailing race and it took Kirsten 233 days to complete it.  Not only is she the only female to win the race, she is also the first South African to win the GGR. As well as that, during the race she rescued fellow competitor Tapio Lehtinen whose boat sank in the Indian Ocean. Kirsten has a wonderful and simple philosophy for  life. When someone says ‘it can’t be done’ she replies ‘have you tried it?. No? Well then, let’s try’. When she was just 22, Kirsten cycled home from Europe. A short hop of just 15,000km to South Africa to explore the Continent she is most passionate about, Africa. She started that journey with the words ‘let’s try’.  Her love of boats goes back to childhood. She grew up inland but went to the coast on holidays and just felt at home. She spent time in a dinghy with her friends at the Hartbeespoort Dam and thought ‘I think I would like to take to the Seas some day.’  Kirsten has been professionally sailing since 2006. She has specialised in high latitude sailing, taking film crews to places like South Georgia, the Falklands, Patagonia and the Antarctic peninsula. Kirsten was inspired as a young person by one of her older brother’s best friends who was a ‘can do everything person’. Nothing was impossible for him and this left a big impression on Kirsten. He would always just find a way.  Through the podcast we delve into Kirsten’s 233 days at sea with her boat ‘Minnehaha’. We talk about life leading up to the point, all that she learned and her seeming never ending knowledge of weather and climate, which makes us smile to hear her say ‘I am not expert’. We disagree! She says winning the race was incredible, and when people ask her how it feels to be a woman who won the race she says she only really thinks that she was a person who worked incredibly hard to win the race and prepare her boat and that for her is the most important part.  Kirsten says that being seen as a role model has taken time to sink in and wishes that there were more females in the sport as well as the industry. She says there is no difference between male and female and it’s a traditional construct we need to get past.  Listen on to learn about electrophysics, wildlife encounters, why she would like to be able to breath under water and how one day she might just write a book so she doesn’t forget what happened as perhaps another adventure is looming. We cannot wait to see what she does.  As a parting thought Kirsten reminds us that everything starts with one step and you will eventually take enough steps to have completed the journey. She is humble, funny and has an incredible philosophy in life and we hope that you hear the love and brilliance that she shares with us and as always we hope you leave the podcast loving the weather and climate just that little bit more.  You can follow Kirsten here: Website: Instagram: @kirstenggr LinkedIn:  As well as here

  • Kathy Morrissey on Stansted Airport, STEM and her love of problem solving

    Kathy Morrissey on Stansted Airport, STEM and her love of problem solving

    We are delighted to introduce Kathy Morrisey, planning and insights director at Stansted Airport.  Kathy’s inspiration in life is her father who didn’t think there was a barrier to what girls could do. He believed in the power of learning and Kathy said he knew  his daughters could conquer the world.   She said that her father gave her the gift of blind expectation, that you could do anything that boys could do. As it happens Kathy absolutely loved maths and went on to be an engineer. She offers some great advice to always be curious.  We spoke to Kathy a lot about STEM and her roles in historically male dominated work forces. She recalls times when she took a male team member to a meeting and if she asked a question the response would be offered to her male colleague, while she was ignored.   She says it can still happen now and to combat this she is a lead in raising awareness of microaggressions. Kathy makes a very valid point that it is the job of both male and females to champion women in the workplace. All the evidence shows that having a diverse team leads to better decision making and better outcomes.  Kathy has climbed Kilimanjaro, worked on oil rigs and has some interesting insight into women’s workwear. She says her dream dinner guest would be the Pankhurts as well as Billie Jean King. We all reflect on how women’s achievements in the past have not been recognised, citing Marie Curie as an example.   We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did. You can follow Kathy on LIinkedIn If you would like to follow our podcast on Twitter we are @4loveofweather or Instagram @Fortheloveofweather. Thanks so much for listening and supporting the podcast and we hope you leave this episode loving the weather that little bit more.

  • The dark side of nacreous clouds with Dr Simon Lee

    The dark side of nacreous clouds with Dr Simon Lee

    In December 2023 social platforms lit up with images of nacreous clouds. One evening in December 2023 these clouds, also known as mother of pearl clouds, were visible across the UK and Northern Europe. In this episode we welcome back stratospheric expert Dr Simon Lee to find out why these clouds were seen so far south and piece together the relationship between the displacement of the polar vortex while also learning there is a dark side to nacreous clouds.  Dr. Lee talks about how sudden stratospheric warming was first observed in the 1950’s by scientists in Berlin. The scientists at the time referred to this as ‘explosive warming of the winter time stratosphere’. Although 70 years has passed there is still so much to learn about the interaction of the stratosphere and the troposphere.  Simon delves into larger scale teleconnection patterns and explains why these types of clouds are more common in the Antarctic and what connection, if at all, El Nino may have on the stratosphere.    Listen on if you want to learn about chlorine monoxide, ozone loss, the Aleutian Low and why cold air is increasingly hard to find.  We last met Dr Simon Lee in November 2022 when we learned about all things polar vortex and the impact of sudden stratospheric warmings on the UK. You can find that episode on our website: Simon is currently a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM) at Columbia University in the City of New York, where he works on stratosphere-troposphere coupling, large-scale climate dynamics and variability, and subseasonal-to-seasonal predictability and its applications. He is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of the RMetS Weather journal.  Simon will soon move to the University of St Andrews in Scotland where he will take up a new post as a lecturer.  Soon to move to University of St Andrews as a lecturer You can find Dr. Simon Lee on X @SimonLeeWx and we highly recommend you follow him. He is also on LinkedIn at 

  • The Blue Earth Summit

    The Blue Earth Summit

    We took the podcast to the Blue Earth Summit 2023 in Bristol. Please check out our instagram feed @fortheloveofweather to get a flavour of what we got up to. We captured and shared as many speakers and guests as we could! We were absolutely blown away by the amazing talks and conversations we had and most importantly people’s willingness to give us their time to talk about what they were passionate about. The Blue Earth Summit is held over 3 days where Bristol plays host to 5,000+ decision makers, industry pioneers, provocative thought-leaders, sustainability trailblazers, insightful solutionists and boundary-pushing start ups. It’s the place to explore, meet, learn, collaborate and take action. FYI The Blue Earth Summit was incredibly busy! There is back ground noise but hopefully you will take away something from the mini podcasts we managed to record. —————————— Our first guest. Meet Emma Askew @Emmaaskewuk, founder of @Earthminutesuk . Their mission is to drive the future of environmental learning and thinking, making it accessible to everyone but also sharing it in a way that is sustainable. Emma was quite simply so inspiring to talk to. She is from the soil science sector which she said was a really important inflection point for her. This is where she realised there was a huge gap between the science she was working in and the communications of the science. Emma speaks so passionately about encouraging young people into leadership early and building a connection with the environment from a young age. She says she has hope for the future and community is where hope grows through community action. —————————— Our second guest. Michael Cunningham is the founder of the 9trees Community Interest Company, founded in 2018. Michael was originally involved in conservation and observed that while he was completing a lot of work, woodlands were changing rapidly and not all conservation work was having positive impact. Michael decided he wanted to do something about this. He worked out that each individual in the UK roughly emits 9 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere annually. Each tree (based on a hectare of woodland) sequesters 1 tonne of carbon over the lifecycle of any one tree and so 9trees was born. Individuals or businesses can sponsor trees to create woodlands or nature reserves that you can visit today and watch flourish over time. Michael describes this as watching hope grow. So far the company has planted 15,000 trees but they plan to plant 10,000 trees every year over the next few years and in every county in the UK with Northern Ireland being the next country to plant in. You can find Michael’s company at and on instagram @9treesuk ————————— Our final guest Meet Sandra - chair of the West Bristol climate action group. Sandra talks about how small local changes are very important nationally. She wants to create wildlife corridors locally and between other towns. Sandra’s message is that decarbonising in small ways adds up to large changes. You can find Sandra at