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por The Hungry Feminine

A podcast dedicated to reviving archetypal feminine qualities in a masculine-dominated culture. Your host shares stories, experiences, and reflections from psychology to nourish the feminine while also repairing what's been damaged in its longstanding cultural repression. Each episode explores themes and archetypes present in how we eat, express, and relate and what we can do to find meaning and balance between the archetypa ... 

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Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 2

  • Imago in Motion: The Shining

    Imago in Motion: The Shining

    Filmmaker Bobby Bruton joins me for an in-depth exploration of the symbolic and archetypal themes in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.Find more episodes at thehungryfeminine.com Bobby Bruton's film library: https://www.youtube.com/@brutbros

  • Intro to Masculine & Feminine

    Intro to Masculine & Feminine

    If you're looking for somewhere to start or refresh on the archetyal masculine and feminine, this is your episode.

  • The Authority We Give

    The Authority We Give

    A musing on how easily we may give our authority over to people and institutions that meet certain masculine metrics. And why we should look within to ourselves for that authority instead.

  • The Feminine Act of Grieving

    The Feminine Act of Grieving

    On this episode, dedicated to my mentor and friend Bruce Avery, I share how my personal experiences of grief and the wisdom of poets and psychologists alike have led me to understand the meaning of mourning. References: Psychoanalytic Diagnosis - Nancy McWilliams The Dark Interval - Rainer Maria Rilke Unlocking Us with Brené Brown - Grief and Finding Meaning All There is with Anderson Cooper - Grateful for Grief with Stephen Colbert Refuse in Grief, Megan Divine

  • Temporada 1

  • The Feminine Shadow and its Imprint on Relationships Part 2

    The Feminine Shadow and its Imprint on Relationships Part 2

    Codependency influences us to be responsible for making other people feel better. Success in that area is what can determine a sense of personal value, but this creates suffering. A more objective truth is that we can support each other but the work to quell our upset and evolve is ours alone. And boundaries – a trait of the masculine light – is where that healthy separation begins.