Critters aka Feel Good Monster Flick of the Year aka Episode 48

Esoterica Cinema por Jason Peters & Ryan Seybold

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We're officially knee-deep into Season 3 and what a season it's been! If you haven't yet, be sure to go back through the last few months and check out our 5 Minute Review Series, featuring Jason or Ryan giving a brief breakdown of interesting films from cinematic history.

We've also had some great guest spots this season and pre-season, like Jesse from Sudden But Inevitable, MJ from Let's Jaws a Minute, and Candice from The Bloody Bits Horror Show.

And of course, we are rocking' and rollin' with some of the absolute best sketches of the show's young career.

Today, though, we are bringing you the best of what our full-length episodes have to offer: deep cinematic insight coupled with a large helping of fun!

Please enjoy this review of 1986's Critters, along with everything the new and improved Season 3 has to offer.

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