Modern Slavery: Gordon Renouf from 'Good on You' & James Bartlett from Outland Denim speak with Jodee Sydney 28 min listen

Eco Futures - Welcome to the New Generation of Planet Restoration: Join the Evolution por Michelle Michels

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Jodee speaks to Gordon Renouf from 'Good on You' about how consumers can make better choices. 10 % of the worlds carbon footprint comes from the apparel industry. Where are garments and fabrics made ?

Are workers being paid fairly for the labor that they are contributing. Are they treated well ? Do they have any labor rights ? Are they enslaved. Are companies aware of the transparency of their supply chains. Companies have the choice to have modern slavery free goods and products.

Jodee also speaks to James Bartlett from Outland Denim about these issues an their approach to 'fair fashion'.

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