International Women's Day Part Three: The Female Body with a Fragile Noggin

Discussions on Concussions por Rachel Coombs Renwick

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In this final part of our International Women's Day Panel, we discuss how our heads feel extra pain during our menstrual cycles and how we adapt to it. Our bodies endure so much pain on the regular that our tolerances have increased drastically.

Our conversation then leads to physical body image. We can all relate with how our bodies can easily change while recovering from a brain injury or constantly battling chronic migraine and pain. Our bodies may have been able to physically do more before we became 'fragile noggins' but it's more important to focus on what our bodies CAN do for us vs living in the past.

Our Panelists:

Kacie ~ Migraine Nutritionist @migraine.nutritionist

Morgan ~ Neuroscience Researcher & Migraine Advocate @lifewithmigraine


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