International Women's Day Part One: Facing Societal Pressures as a Fragile Noggin

Discussions on Concussions por Rachel Coombs Renwick

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Happy International Women's Day! For the occasion, Discussions on Concussions has gathered up a group of incredible women to participate in a candid discussion of what it is like as a woman with a "fragile noggin".

In Part One, we discuss how we handle the pressures to be a "woman who can do it all" while having physical limitations. How we have perfected "masking" and how we can be more honest with ourselves and others.

Our Panelists:

Kacie ~ Migraine Nutritionist @migraine.nutritionist

Morgan ~ Neuroscience Researcher & Migraine Advocate @lifewithmigraine

Erica ~ TBI Coaching Consultant @ericarwalker878

Shruti ~ Migraine and CPTSD Awareness Advocate @chronicallymeh

Beth ~ S ... 

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