Episode #33 | From Patient to Practitioner w/ Roselyne

Demystifying NMO & MOG por The Sumaira Foundation

Notas del episodio

This week's episode offers a compelling narrative for both patients and clinicians as we delve into Roselyne's extraordinary journey. Diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) as a young adult, she would later decide to pursue a career as a physician.

Throughout her journey, Roselyne grappled with the psychological impact of straddling the roles of both clinician and patient, navigating feelings of guilt and obligation along the way.

Roselyne emphasizes the importance of patient-provider communication and empathy in healthcare. She highlights the need for clinicians to convey diagnoses in a clear and compassionate manner, drawing from her own experiences of receiving life-altering news with nonchalance.

Tune in as Roselyne shares her hard-won wisdom on navigating the complex intersection of healthcare and chronic illness.


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