Episode #32 | Beyond Words: The Silent Support of Animal Companions

Demystifying NMO & MOG por The Sumaira Foundation

Notas del episodio

In this emotional episode, we delve into the profound relationship between pets and mental health.

Starting with the TSF AMbassador for New Mexico, Marie Abrego talks about the recent loss of her dachshund Bambi while traveling to raise awareness about NMO.

Then, we are joined by TSF Ambassador for Illinois, AnneMarie Nawrocki, a licensed social worker and TSFs ambassador for Illinois; they explore the multifaceted benefits of pet ownership for individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses. From reducing stress and providing emotional support to promoting opportunities to enhance physical health and promoting social connection, pets play a crucial role in improving overall well-being. The discussion also touches on coping with the loss of a beloved pet, highlighting the unique grieving process and the importance of support from  ... 

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