por Ric Acevedo

Cinemagic is a weekly look at the world of film and television. Ric and Janathan will look at everything from the current scene to past works. Each episode will bring something new from watch-alongs to interviews with industry professionals.

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 1

  • Bye for now.

    Bye for now.

    In this week's episode, Ric and Janathan talk about the Oscars and more.

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    This week, Ric and Janathan share their thoughts on The Batman.

  • The Plane, The Plane!

    The Plane, The Plane!

    This week, Janathan and Ric talk about the legacy of Hervé Villechaize.

  • They're Always After Me Gold!

    They're Always After Me Gold!

    This week, among other subjects, Ric and Janathan discuss the cult favorite, Leprechaun.

  • The Business Today

    The Business Today

    Among other topics, Ric and Janathan discuss the prospects of the industry two years after the pandemic.