Notas del episodio

For this episode, I invited Žana Fejzić! Born in Bosnia, emigrated to Germany, and then to USA, this great comedian, producer, and dancer talks about the difficulties and advantages of being an immigrant child, speaking 5 languages fluently, breaking away from crappy jobs, and having the courage to work for yourself.

Žana Fejzić: Comedian, Producer, Choreographer & Podcaster: with only less than a year in comedy, Žana is quickly becoming one of the hardest working comedians in the Berlin comedy scene. Within 5 months of starting comedy, she became a finalist in the 2022 Berlin New Stand-Up Awards and is now hosting & producing shows in Berlin & Lisbon. You can catch her perform nightly across Berlin and hear her fresh take on the absurdity of immigration laws, her Balkan background, and growing up in Florida.

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