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If you're looking for that infamous tingling sensation that makes you scream then look no more. ASMR Triggers is a collection of stimulating audio recordings from various sounds to provide you with an ultimate experience.


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  • Harbor Harmony: The Serene Sounds of a Fishing Harbour and Seagulls


    Harbor Harmony: The Serene Sounds of a Fishing Harbour and Seagulls


    In "Harbor Harmony," the latest episode of our ASMR Triggers Podcast, we invite our listeners to a sensory journey to a bustling fishing harbor. This episode captures the essence of a coastal haven, where the cries of seagulls blend seamlessly with the ambient sounds of the harbor. As the episode unfolds, the listener is greeted with the rhythmic sound of waves gently lapping against the docks. The occasional creak of wooden planks and the distant hum of fishing boats setting sail add to the maritime atmosphere. Overhead, the seagulls' calls echo, a natural melody that ebbs and flows with the wind. The sounds of ropes being coiled, nets being gathered, and the soft chatter of fishermen preparing for the day provide a backdrop of human activity, punctuating the natural soundscape. The episode masterfully captures the tranquil yet lively essence of the harbor at dawn, offering a moment of calm amidst the day-to-day hustle. This immersive audio experience is not just about relaxation; it's a celebration of the coastal life, the harmony between humans and nature, and the simple joys of seaside sounds.

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  • Laundry Lullabies: The Calming Cadence of a Laundromat


    Laundry Lullabies: The Calming Cadence of a Laundromat


    In "Laundry Lullabies," listeners are invited into the soothing ambiance of a laundromat. This episode captures the rhythmic and hypnotic sounds that make a laundromat an unexpectedly perfect setting for ASMR. The episode begins with the gentle hum of multiple washing machines in their cycle, creating a symphony of steady, low vibrations. The soft swoosh of clothes tumbling in dryers adds a textural layer to the soundscape. Intermittently, the beep of a machine signaling the end of a cycle punctuates the air, offering a gentle reminder of the mundane yet comforting tasks of daily life. Listeners can hear the faint rustle of clothes being folded, the clink of coins in the change machine, and the quiet footsteps of patrons moving about. The episode captures not just the sounds, but the essence of a laundromat: a place of pause and routine in the midst of a busy world. This episode of "Laundry Lullabies" is an ode to the ordinary, turning the simple act of doing laundry into a serene and meditative experience.

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    A Short story about Light Glass Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a young boy named Tom. Tom lived with his parents and helped them in their glassblowing business. They made beautiful and delicate glass objects that were loved by everyone in the village. One day, Tom was playing near the glassblowing furnace when he accidentally bumped into the table, causing a vase to fall and shatter into a million pieces. Tom was filled with despair and fear, knowing that his parents would be very upset with him for breaking one of their valuable pieces. However, when Tom's parents saw what had happened, they didn't get angry. Instead, they saw an opportunity to create something new and beautiful. They took the crushed glass and melted it down, adding different colors and shapes to create a stunning mosaic. The mosaic was a hit, and soon the entire village was talking about it. People came from far and wide to see the beautiful creation and to learn about the process of making it. Tom's parents were proud of their son and grateful for the accident that had led to this new discovery. From that day on, Tom's parents started incorporating crushed glass into their designs, creating new and unique pieces that were even more beautiful than before. Their business flourished, and they became known for their stunning glass mosaics. Tom learned a valuable lesson that day. He realized that even the most unfortunate events can lead to something beautiful and positive. He continued to work with his parents and became a skilled glassblower in his own right, always looking for new ways to turn broken glass into something special. And so, the story of the crushed glass lives on, a reminder that even the most shattered pieces can be transformed into something beautiful and valuable.

  • Urban Symphony: The Echoing Cadence of a Passing Police Siren


    Urban Symphony: The Echoing Cadence of a Passing Police Siren


    In this evocative episode of "Urban Symphony," listeners are immersed in the distinct sound of a police siren passing not once, but twice. The episode captures the essence of a bustling American cityscape, where the siren acts as a unique instrument in the urban orchestra. The episode opens with the distant wail of the siren, its pitch rising and falling in a rhythmic pattern. As the police car approaches, the intensity of the sound grows, enveloping the listener in its urgent yet mesmerizing tone. The Doppler effect is artfully captured, creating a dynamic auditory experience as the siren passes by the first time, recedes into the distance, and then approaches again. Listeners can hear the subtle variations in the siren's tone, each pass offering a slightly different acoustic texture. The background city sounds provide a rich tapestry against which the siren's song weaves its narrative. The episode is not just about the sound itself, but the space around it, the echoes off the buildings, and the brief moments of silence between the siren's cries. This episode is a tribute to the unexpected beauty of urban sounds, turning a common city noise into an ASMR experience that is both startling and soothing.

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  • Whistling Tea Kettle

    Whistling Tea Kettle

    Whistling Tea Kettle