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por Joe Dalle Nogare

A.H.P is a horror movie review show, hosted by 'Zombie Joe'. In every themed episode, Zombie Joe talks about his favorite horror movie, within that theme. However, every now & then, when the moon is full, Zombie Joe shuffles out of the crypt & interviews local artists, involved within the Horror Genre. Adelaide Horror Podcast is podcasting out of a crypt, in Adelaide, South Australia. If you would like to collaborate podcast s ...   ...  Leer más

Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 3

  • S3 Ep 30 'King' Horror

    S3 Ep 30 'King' Horror

    To celebrate Stephen Kings 75th Birthday, I review 'Salems Lot' (1979) & give 'Horrible Mention' to 'Chapelwaite' (2021), the prequel to Salems Lot

  • S3 Ep 29 'Indigenous' Horror


    S3 Ep 29 'Indigenous' Horror


    26/7/2022 Episode I review 'Firebite' (2022). South Australian, Indigenous, Vampire tv show.

  • Ep 28 'Musican' Horror.


    Ep 28 'Musican' Horror.


    I review 'Studio 666' (2022). In the Youtube episode, it contains tribute to the late Taylor Hawkins. I give horrible mention to musican's who have made cameo's in horror films.

  • Ep 27 'Exorcist' Horror.


    Ep 27 'Exorcist' Horror.


    I review 1973 'The Exorcist' and my relationship with this movie. I also give horrible mention reviews to Exorcist 2, E3 and E: The Beginning

  • Ep 26 'Comedy' Horror.


    Ep 26 'Comedy' Horror.


    I review Peter Jacksons 1992 Classic 'Brain dead' The best comedy horror ever made.