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Episodios del podcast

  • Temporada 4

  • T04 E06 - "Elephant(BAMA) in the Room"

    T04 E06 - "Elephant(BAMA) in the Room"Explícito

    This weeks episode, I’m alone again holding the squad down and the focus was sports! Great weekend for my squads, starting with LSU winning in a shootout with bama and the beginning of the Coach Kelly era, then we briefly talk in...

  • T04 E05 - "Don't Get Comfy"

    T04 E05 - "Don't Get Comfy"Explícito

    This weeks episode includes the "ism" of "don't get comfortable". Alabama got comfy(tent played good ball) and took a l with the kick heard round the sawf. Early voting also started everywhere(go get y'all lil sticker lol) I give ...

  • T04 E03 - "Trans-Issues"

    T04 E03 - "Trans-Issues"Explícito

    WE BACK!!!! Welcome back loyal listeners!! We knock off some rust and address some recent issues at hand! Bald heads at an all time high, come to baldies barbershop, Transgender studies in schools and Elon Musk for president!Enjoy...

  • T04 E02 - Conspiracy P and his conspiracy foolishness>

    T04 E02 - Conspiracy P and his conspiracy foolishness>Explícito

    Conspiracy P wanted his turn, so I let him do his thing! He's loud, drunk, loves trap music and concocting crazy conspiracies over the finest Tequilas. Grab a glass, shot or your favorite beverage, sit back and pour up with us! ...

  • T04 E01 - "Welcome Back"

    T04 E01 - "Welcome Back"Explícito

    Welcome back people!!! Glad to be back. Let me knock off some rust. This episode, I explain the hiatus, revamping the brand, swingers, young teachers and new labels. notification Crew thanks for the support!