What Is the Best Hosting for WordPress?

Choosing a website host shouldn’t be an afterthought. The speed, security, and overall health of your website depends on the host you choose. It’s just as important as your branding decisions, because if your carefully-thought-out branding is being shown on a website with poor speed or a lack of security, you won’t be seen as a trustworthy or capable company.

Carefully consider what each website host has to offer in terms of speed, security, and customer service as you make your decision.

Importance of Uptime

Uptime refers to the amount of time a server stays up and running. As you can imagine, this is paramount to your website’s success. If your site is down, you’ll miss out on sales. Period. People won’t be able to find you, or they’ll find your downed site and never return. Because of this, high uptime is critical in a hosting company and we’ve only included website hosts in this list that have shown to have high uptime.

WP Engine

Signing up for WP Engine couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to install any WordPress on your own; they handle that for you and send you an email with your credentials. Their customer service is helpful, with agents who really know what they’re doing and will get to the root of each issue. Their uptime is nearly perfect, and their response time is the best that’s currently out there. You’ll get the best speed with WP Engine. And with more features than Bluehost, WP Engine comes out as our top pick.


Bluehost has been a popular host for a long time. Load time is quick and uptime is high. Simply put, Bluehost is reliable. Bluehost offers one-click WordPress installations, but the process isn’t as straightforward as it could be. However, their customer service is 24/7, and their employees are knowledgeable and able to help.

Transferring your site is free, but the cost of hosting can get high after your initial contract expires.

HostGator Cloud

With an uptime that’s only slightly lower than Bluehost, HostGator Cloud is reliable. It’s easy to sign up with HostGator Cloud. Their load time is excellent and they have many features to choose from in their hosting plans. They also offer useful site-building software and have good customer service.


An incredibly good uptime and a decent load time make SiteGround a fair choice. They offer great WordPress support and their customer service department is knowledgeable. They also offer free site transfers and hosting price points that are very low. Officially recommended by WordPress.org, SiteGround is a solid choice. Opt for the GrowBig or GoGeek plans that come with extra perks.


Affordable, with good performance, A2Hosting is developer friendly and offers high security. Customer service is helpful, uptime is good, and several helpful features are offered in their packages. Response time isn’t as good as other website hosting platforms, however, but it is still good.


Sign-up is simple and DreamHost uses a straightforward interface. Customer service is helpful, and uptime and response times are good. Security is high, and features are great, especially for expert users.

Any one of these website hosts will get the job done, but WP Engine’s speed and security pull it ahead as the clear winner for how they make life easier for you — and your customers.

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