Podcast episodes

  • E112 - Money Talk | #EntrepreneursCourage

    E112 - Money Talk | #EntrepreneursCourage

    Money Talks was a great and funny movie. What is not funny is decided to not talk about money. Having these conversation with people in the financial industry, friends and family is pivotal and important to your development in bec...

  • E110 - Unity = Empowerment | #EntrepreneursCourage

    E110 - Unity = Empowerment | #EntrepreneursCourage

    Take charge and create what you desire. Your people will support and you support them. We are stronger together. Rise together, rise as one.

  • E108 - Mental Health | #EntrepreneursCourage

    E108 - Mental Health | #EntrepreneursCourage

    This week’s encouragement comes from the heart. May is coming to an end yet Mental Health is forever important. Stay focused and disciplined to your craft. Don’t worry about the successes of others, yours will come.

  • E106 - Produce Wealth | #EntrepreneursCourage

    E106 - Produce Wealth | #EntrepreneursCourage

    This week’s encouraging word comes from Deuteronomy 8:18-19. Walk with humility and surely give thanks for He is always with you. Know that your success is predicated on someone sacrificing because they believe in you and your bra...

  • E104 - The Storehouse | #EntrepreneursCourage

    E104 - The Storehouse | #EntrepreneursCourage

    This week’s encouraging word comes from Malachi 3:10. The world evolves around money and sometimes we can get lost in the accumulation of it that we lose focus. The willingness to give a portion of your blessing not only to God, y...